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Propertize is born to make a difference in the market place. The way people select the home or office, the way the properties are marketed, agents deal with clients,properties are managed and serviced. The customers, workers, agents and sellers are under one platform to deliver service excellence defining real success in the process of value creation. Propertize is radically different from other online platforms being a cluster of service providers grouped under a common platform,constantly adapting and reinterpreting the way services are rendered.

Through Propertize, you can make use of people with right skills, experience,cultural understanding, product knowledge and customer insight. Linked to this will be a growing emphasis on giving people purpose and fulfillment, connecting with their natural desire to make a difference. Get advantage of expert advice and support offered by a team of specialized experts and technologies that allow you to connect to them at the speed of light. You have the chance to compare the profile, experience, pricing and customer reviews of service providers which was never offered earlier. Rate their service in terms of quality, pricing and efficiency and going forward let people decide what the best is. The aim is to create a market place which is ethical, informed, centralised, competitive and with mutual support. Customer well being can best be achieved by promoting competition,transparency in market dealings and more importantly by customer education, engagement and networking.